Enriching the wait

Waiting is often considered boring and time consuming. But unfortunately sometimes it is unavoidable. Think of hospitals, airports, hotels, banking offices or fashion shops.

Addon furniture believes that waiting should be more fun, distracting or even more efficient. With our furniture we offer companies a way to tell their stories and interact with their client or visitor in a pleasant, self-regulated way. The iPad furniture combines seating with communication. It can be used to communicate the company’s latest achievements or corporate website. But it can also contain more specific tools like wayfinding or online sales.

Share your collection

For museums, libraries and auto showrooms, the iPad furniture is a perfect way to share collections and tell the story behind. In shops it can enrich the dressing room, by presenting the latest fashion or stock information. 

iPad holders

The iPads are stored in Corian iPad holders, which can be rotated 60 degrees horizontally to turn it towards the user. The holders can be easily mounted and remounted in portrait or landscape position. The iPad USB cable runs through the frame to the bottom of the sofa where it can be connected to a power supply. The iPad holders are suitable for iPad 2 and the new iPad with Retina Display. Holders for any other tablets (e.g. Sony Experia, Samsung Galaxy, Asus) can be produced on request.

iPad Apps

Our furniture is only meaningful when the content on the iPads is of added value. Addon Furniture can help you with developing iPad apps or mobile websites. We do this in cooperation with design agency Ontwerpwerk. Ontwerpwerk has broad experience in developing (local) apps for public spaces. Please contact us for more information or visit www.ontwerpwerk.com.

Made in NL

All Addon Furniture products are designed and made in The Netherlands. We only work with the finest materials and best producers, enabling us to guarantee high quality end-products. Because we only produce on request, we are able to adjust the furniture to your project's requirements. 

Addon Furniture was founded by Dutch designer Koen Vorst, as a spin-off from Ontwerpwerk's project 'Impuls' for the Dutch Heart Foundation. 

  • Enriching the wait
  • iPad holders
  • iPad Apps
  • Made in NL

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