Mint Museum

Charlotte, North Carolina – United States

At Addon Furniture, we’re committed to revolutionizing the way people experience comfort and sophistication. Our recent collaboration with the renowned Mint Museum in Charlotte is a testament to this dedication.

The Mint Museum, an iconic cultural institution, approached us with a unique challenge: they sought to enhance the visitor experience within their hallowed halls of art. They wanted furniture that not only provided comfort but also fostered a deeper connection with the artworks on display.

Our team of design and technology experts got to work, creating a set of sofas equipped with interactive tablets. These tablets were seamlessly integrated into the furniture, allowing museum-goers to explore digital exhibitions, access detailed information about the artworks, and even participate in interactive quizzes and educational activities right from their seats.

mint museum seating

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Museum seating – endless options

At Addon Furniture we provide the endless opportunities with museum furniture. Our sofas are Dutch Design, high quality and durable. Make unique combinations with built-in sockets, our Addons and specific fabrics. Please contact us to know more.


Round and Modular sofas used in the lobby area of Cover My Meds


Mint Museum 


Round Sofa
Modular Sofa



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