Dynamic Sofa Office

Werkspoorfabriek, Utrecht

In one off the offices in the Werkspoorfabriek our Dynamic Sofa was chosen because of its flexible character. The modular sofa can be configured in various designs. Are you a little bit fed up with your plain sofa? Change it easily to a different configuration. The Dynamic Sofa can be configured in to at least 15 different options. This lets you adjust your sofa to any type of space.

Dynamic Sofa Office Utrecht
Dynamic Sofa Office

The Dynamic sofa was made because of its flexibility. It made sense because you can configure it however you like. This allows you to create different sculptures for different occasions. 

Dynamic Sofa


The Dynamic Sofa is a flexible modular seating system, designed for easy modification to make the most out of the space. The seating system adjusts to fit a range of room sizes and shapes. It is practical, stylish and simplistic, while remaining comfortable and functional.

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Our Dynamic Sofa was installed in the newly designed Werkspoorfabriek in Utrecht.



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