Mechelen, Belgium

Introducing the latest addition to Technopolis museum in Mechelen, Belgium: our new museum benches! Designed with the visitor in mind, our benches not only provide a comfortable place to rest and admire the exhibits, but also offer a fully immersive experience like no other.

Equipped with touchscreens, these benches allow visitors to delve deeper into the exhibition and engage with the content in a new and exciting way. From interactive videos and 3D models to in-depth information and fun quizzes, our benches offer a complete experience that will leave visitors feeling informed and entertained.

So why settle for a boring old bench when you can have a fully immersive experience at Technopolis museum? Come see for yourself and discover our museum seating at Technopolis in Mechelen (Belgium).

museum benches technopolis
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Museum furniture Technopolis

At Addon Furniture we provide the best museum benches possibilities. Our sofas are Dutch Design, high quality and durable. Please contact us to know more.


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