Museum Benches

Creating a new standard for museum benches

This high quality museum bench is used at one of our clients: Rijksmuseum van de Oudheden (Gouda, Netherlands). Check out the case.

Rest, listen & enjoy

In museums, benches have a lot of different types of use. To take a rest, to sketch, to listen to the audio tour or – of course – to enjoy the artworks. An often-heard complaint in museums is that there is just too much to absorb. People tend to keep walking for hours through museums and are exhausted when they leave. Creating places where people can slow down helps your visitors to have a more relaxing visit.

Paul Klee had the perfect statement on the necessity of benches in museums: “To prevent the legs, as they tire, from interfering with the mind.”

Advantages of Museum Benches

Another advantage of museum benches is that they make the museum less formal. This is because there is more diversity in the way people interact. And when people are more at ease, they are more likely to come back another time to re-visit the exhibition.

Durable and sustainable

 As a museum it is important to provide your visitors an unique experience. Not only the exhibition plays a vital role. Also durable and sustainable benches contribute to a great experience. Our museum benches are made in a sustainable and durable way. This means that the benches are top quality, sustainable and durable. 

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When it comes to museum benches, Addon Furnitures capability is proven over many years.

The real nice thing about Addon Furniture is that it even can add an extra layer to the experience, as our touchscreens and headphones can provide interesting background information.

Addons for interaction

Especially in museums there is often a lot to tell about the artworks. Information that you don’t want to add to that text board next to the object. This information can be made interactive in our touchscreens. Or you can, as we did in several museums, make a playlist with music that goes well with the paintings. 

Addon Furniture provides museum benches with unique Addons such as a touchscreen holder or a small table. These Addons fit perfectly on our museum benches and sofas. It creates a unique experience for the visitor.

Best selling museum benches

All of our sofas are suited for museums, however, nonstop sofa and round sofa are our best-selling series in the museum branch. Probably due to their simple shape and because you can place them in every direction. One of our favorite examples of how to use our products in a museum is the Round Sofa in the Bonnefantenmuseum.

You can view all our case studies here. We help a museums all over the world with optimal seating for their visitors. 

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Our most popular museum benches and sofas

Frequently Asked Questions about museum or gallery benches

How durable are the museum benches of Addon Furniture?

We create furniture to last a lifetime. All our sofas and benches are made with the best in class materials. During production of our products we have several quality checks that we perform. We make sure that only the highest quality of sofas will be shipped out to our customers. 

By performing these quality checks, best in class materials and craftmanship our products are very durable. If anything is wrong with the products we have a warranty program. 

Our museum benches have standard a 5 year warranty (just like all our products). Read more about the warranty and the terms on our warranty and quality page.

How sustainable are the products?

Sustainability is part of our DNA. We only work with suppliers from Europe to minimise transport and therefore impact on the environment. During the production phase we make sure we use sustainable wood, fabric and coating. 

Shipping the products to you is also done in a way to minimise the impact on the environment. We make use of groupage logistics in Europe to prevent half-full trucks on the road. For customers outside Europe we use shipping in almost all cases. This is more sustainable than by air.

How long does production take?

The production of our museum benches or sofas take 8 weeks.

I want to know more about the museum benches of Addon Furniture, what can I do?

Great! You can contact us via the website or schedule a 30 minute meeting with Koen, our lead designer and owner of Addon Furniture. 

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