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Contemporary Waiting Room Furniture

When people are waiting, they often grab their smartphone and scan social media feeds or open a news app. We don’t do that very consciously; it is just something people have internalized to kill time. And that’s ok as waiting is, in general, wasted time. So why not check your news feed for the tenth time in one hour.

But now imagine you exploit a building (hotel, hospital, airport or whatever…) and you can use your publics’ waiting (…or wasted) time to tell them your story. This can let you connect with your visitors in an easy way. Share a long-read on the benefits of traveling first class, let people discover the hotels’ surroundings or give insight in your latest research results.

We are specialized in waiting room furniture 

Round Sofa public space

All of our furniture is modular. This allows you create the shape that fits your area best. Add tablet holders, touchscreens or headphones to create that unique experience. In several projects we have experienced that people enjoyed their waiting time because they were able to gather new information.

We have a lot of experience in developing touchscreen software and iPad/Tablet apps. But of course it is also possible to just show your homepage or existing app. Just let us know what kind of hardware and application you want to run and we will adapt the holders to it.

Forget about the 20th century flyer and communicate with your visitors in an interactive way. Here are some other examples:

Health sector icon


Hospitals, dentists and private clinics: waiting time, lifestyle tips, long-reads.

Plane icon


Airports and train stations: flight info, shopping, car-rental.

Leisure furniture icon


Hotels, hostels and restaurants: availability, nearby activities and gastronomy.

Office icon


Offices, to inform your clients about your company.

Simple Waiting Room Sofa
Waiting Room furniture hospital

A New Vision on Waiting Room Furniture

We believe the world is dynamic and our furniture should be as well. Therefore we create furniture for the future, that meet with the expectations of today’s consumer. Our mission is to shift the standards and make furniture that inspires.

Latest Work

Discover our latest range of waiting room furniture that combines design with technology.

Plain Sofa

Plain Sofa is the latest addition to our collection of commercial sofas. Its symmetrical shape makes it fit perfectly in the middle of a waiting or shopping area.

Plain sofa public space
Round Sofa waiting room

Round Sofa

Traditional tree-benches inspired us with the shape of Round Sofa. It fits perfectly in entrance halls, hotel lobbies and other waiting areas, such as airports and hospitals

Need Something Custom Made? You Dream It, We’ll Build It. 

Addon Furniture designs and manufactures contemporary furniture for public spaces. All of our products are tailor-made, so we are more than happy to get involved in an early stage of your project so that we can create a perfect solution.

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