Island Sofa

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Island Sofa

Almost seven years after the release of our previous model Holland Sofa, we decided it was time for a new look. And with that, a new name that fits the new design. Meet Island Sofa. The friendly shapes and soft edges give the free-formed seating elements a contemporary appearance. It is perfect for larger waiting areas, as it creates a very surprising spatial effect. The three different elements of Island Sofa can be joined to form one large piece of seating furniture, or it can be placed as separate elements over the space.

Extraordinary seating element

Island Sofa is accessible from all sides and give the opportunity to sit together or individual, depending on the visitors wishes. The large, medium and small Islands offer seating to resp. twelve, six and four individuals. Exclusively for Island Sofa we have designed an alternative base for our Coffee Table, as we consider the circular shape of the table to be the perfect addition to this extraordinary seating element.


At Addon Furniture we offer personal unique furniture. Due to its’ double curved shape, Dots Soft Sofa can only be upholstered in fabrics that have more than average stretch. There are still a lot of possibilities, so please contact us if you want to explore them.

Curious how one of our sofas would look like in your environment? Addon Furniture offers you FREE VISUALS. Interested? Click here to get your free visual.

Made in The Netherlands
Shipping worldwide
High quality materials
Available in different sizes
Island Sofa Kvadrat
Island Sofa Purple Top View
Island Sofa Waiting Furniture
Modern Hotel Furniture
Island Sofa Hotel Furniture
Island Sofa Hotel Furniture
Recommended fabrics
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Island Sofa

  • Unique design
  • Perfect for waiting rooms


  • Wooden frame
  • Pantera foam



  • Large: 4100 x 2600 mm (w x d x h)
  • Medium: 2400 x 2000 mm (w x d x h)
  • Small: 1200 x 1200 mm (w x d x h)


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